Who We Serve & Our Theory of Change


Karana Rising provides empowering programs developed with survivor leaders. Our programs focus on amplifying the power of young survivors of all forms of human trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation, and exploitation so that they may reach their fullest potential. Furthermore, Karana Rising supports youth whose lived experiences inside foster care, the juvenile justice system, the street economy, and homelessness place them at risk toward future exploitation and trafficking. Our model is survivor-led and designed to celebrate the real power of young survivors living among us.


Karana Rising’s theory of change rooted in the “Trans-theoretical model of stages of change"(Prochaska& DiClemente, 1983), which posits an individual’s behavior change is a series of six non-linear stages that include pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, maintenance, termination and recycling. Youth survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation are more likely to maintain freedom from future exploitation and abuse with the support of non-judgmental and highly trained case managers and mentors who will support their positive development and future contributions to their lives, their families, and their community.

 At Karana Rising, survivors will be offered the safety, stability, and care they need to begin to actualize their own long-term life goals after trafficking. Building upon the concept of positive youth development (Lerner et al., 2005; Lomsen, 2004; Za et al., 2016), Karana Rising believes that survivors have greater chances to avoid future exploitation and succeed in life given the opportunity to take part in these positive relationships with case managers and adult mentors who can support them with healthy life skills development, supportive counseling, socialization, and community connection. 

Our Programs


Education Lab

We provide frontline responder trainings on how to work with and empower survivors of human trafficking as well as how to identify trafficking in their client population or community.

We provide prevention education workshops for teens to learn the ways in which human trafficking could impact their lives and their community. We especially focus our outreach to teens who have lived experiences inside foster care, the juvenile justice system, child welfare, and homelessness.  Our prevention education materials are done in partnership with Freedom Fwd and Unitas.

Wellness Lab

We lead life-skills workshops and survivor-led emotional healing sessions for teen survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and human trafficking through our workshop series.  Our goal is to support teens in their journey in awakening their inner power and self-love.

Artist and EConomic Empowerment lab

Through our “artisan’ lab, our survivors and allies create handmade local and sustainable jewelry and wellness products. We offer job training in the wellness and artisan spaces for survivors of human trafficking aged 18 to 24.

Advocacy Lab

Survivors and allies at Karana Rising address local and national policies by using our collective voices, stories, and expertise to educate and advise on core issues that impact the lives of survivors of human trafficking.


Andrea Powell at andrea@karanarising.com