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“Yet, despite the growing data, children (and adult) victims of sex trafficking continue to be arrested, and, while it may end their immediate trauma, it does not fix their lives. Being arrested often means that survivors are unable to apply for jobs, public housing and even college. They are left without options and thus vulnerable to yet future exploitation.

"I was arrested for prostitution at 13 and sent to detention center after detention center," explained Ashley, another child sex trafficking survivor and advocate at Karana Rising. “I can barely get a job to feed my own children now. I still struggle."

"The legal system backed me into a corner that forces me to live day-by-day, worried for my future,” she added.”

“Sex trafficking survivor reports her rapist: here's what happened”

“More survivors need to be heard, without judgment. We need to put the blame where it belongs, which is on the rapists. We need safe healing places and more mentors. We need to go from being a rape culture to a survivor culture.”

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Watch the 2018 Trust Conference Plenary “Orphanages as Trafficking Hubs” featuring survivor leaders and the Karana Rising team!