D.C. Human Trafficking Task Force

Karana Rising, acting as the co-chair for the “training and outreach committee” is proud to provide frontline responder trainings and public education on how to best identify and assist survivors of all forms of human trafficking.

The D.C. Human Trafficking Task Force was formed in 2004 to increase the prosecution of traffickers while identifying and serving the victims of this horrific crime. In 2004, the Task Force became one of 42 U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) trafficking grant recipients. 

Interested in a training by members of the D.C. Human Trafficking Task Force’s training and outreach committee members? Or, are you a member needing to report a recent training or event to the DCHTTF? Please use the form below. Thank you!

Link to Public Calendar (for posting events and trainings to the DCHTTF)