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NBC THINK, “Why was Robert Kraft only charged with solicitation of prostitution in a sex trafficking case? The case of the Patriots' owner highlights how many people don't see the trafficking victims before their own eyes.” by Andrea Powell (2/19/2019)

Thomson Reuters, “Trafficking survivors aim to reach teens before traffickers do: It's time we talk about how we are going to actually prevent human trafficking” by Andrea Powell (02/05/2019)

NBC THINK. “ Cyntoia Brown’s Clemency Must Begin the #METOO Movement for Unacknowledged Sex Trafficking Survivors “ by Andrea Powell (1/8/2019)

Thompson Reuters, “Sex trafficking survivor reports her rapist: here's what happened” by Nicole Demas (10/08/2018)

Thomson Reuters, No one is perfect: it's time to change how we view and treat victims of sexual assault by Andrea Powell (10/08/2018)

Press Featuring the Karana Rising Team’s Work to Serve Survivors of Human Trafficking

NBC THINK . Cyntoia Brown Shamefully Typical of How We Treat Child Sex (12/14/2017)

CNN    The Fight Against Sex Trafficking is Bigger Than Backpage (2/19/2017) Andrea Powell

New York Times  Why Are We Still Locking Up Sex Trafficking Victims?  (09/28/2016)

Huffington Post   Saving Sara: New Ways to Fight Sex Trafficking  (09/20/2011)

Washington Post             Children Who Are Prostituted Are Not Criminals, So Why Do We Keep Putting Them in Jail?” (12/04/2014)

A Path Appears, PBS       Realities of Sex Trafficking in America  (01/12/2015)