Preventing human trafficking in all its forms means we must educate youth, educators, social workers, parents, and allies. Karana Rising, in collaboration with our partners at Unitas and Freedom Fwd have created multi-media videos, comics, stories, and curriculums to reach as many youth as possible. All of the materials have been created in deep consultation with paid survivor youth consultants, parents of survivors, and advocates. Watch, read, share, and reach out if you would like to bring “I Am Jasmine Strong” or “Lights” to your school, club, or program. Contact Andrea Powell at to learn more!

Check out “Wolves in the Streets”, the Instagram based comic series developed for Unitas with Karana Rising’s team and Dan Goldman. Share on your Instagram and help us educate youth today!

Meet Jasmine, a campaign developed by Freedom Fwd with Karana Rising’s survivor team and staff!

Inspired by the real stories of survivors of child sex trafficking, Jasmine tells the story of a 13-year-old American girl lured by a young man pretending to be her boyfriend. Jasmine has to access her inner power to escape. Hear her story and learn how to bring Jasmine into your communities and schools! Then, meet Aurora, Leo, Katlyn, Eli, Storm, and Tyra. Visit our Instagram page here! Find tips from survivors, stories of parents overcoming the trafficking of their youth, and find our I Am Jasmine Strong teacher curriculum here!

Share how YOU claim your INNER POWER with #WeAreJasmineStrong and sign up here!