Karana Rising’s Programs


Adult Frontline responder Training and Prevention Education

We provide frontline responder trainings on how to work with and empower survivors of human trafficking as well as how to identify trafficking in their client population or community.

We provide prevention education workshops for teens to learn the ways in which human trafficking could impact their lives and their community. We especially focus our outreach to teens who have lived experiences inside foster care, the juvenile justice system, child welfare, and homelessness.  Our prevention education materials are done in partnership with Freedom Fwd and Unitas.

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Contact: Andrea Powell at andrea.powell@karanarisking.org

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Contact: Liz Kimbel at liz.kimbel@karanarisking.org


Life Skills and Survivor Led Workshops and Healing Sessions

We lead life-skills workshops and survivor-led emotional healing sessions for teen survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and human trafficking through our workshop series, Braverly, done in partnership with Just Ask Prevention.  Our goal is to support teens in their journey in awakening their inner power and self-love.

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Andrea Powell at andrea.powell@karanarising.org


Economic Empowerment and The Management Trainee Program

We offer job training in the wellness and artisan spaces for survivors of human trafficking aged 18 to 24 who have been referred to our management trainee and job placement program at our sister benefit corporation, Soluna.

Coming in January 2019


Art work by a Survivor and a team member at Karana Rising